Thursday, July 2, 2015

All Natural

Have you ever thought about it? I mean really thought about the nature of breastfeeding? If it wasn't a woman purpose to breastfeed her child why on Earth would God give us the amazing ability to make milk? Every mammal feeds their offspring with milk. Why not the common design for humans as well? God's beautiful design for mothers to nurture their child was proof enough for me to start. I just don't quite understand why not to be honest. I mean, I know that in the beginning it is tough to get through the rawness of the breast, the engorgement, the cracks, but really truly if you just hang on through it all, it will be so worth it. Jax is 3 months old now and has only had breast milk. He nurses about every two hours unless he is hurting somehow then its more often. I absolutely love when he is crying and I know that I have a cure all method to help my baby boy. I read an article the other day that was sent to me by my sister that said that babies don't just need their moms breast for food, they need it for comfort. My baby isn't just crying for food he is crying for his mama. Think about it, he just spent the last nine months inside of me with everything he ever needed, not experiencing pain, or fright so of course he would need that comfort from his mama and that is something no formula could do. "Attachment parenting" is what I heard it called and that is exactly right. Everything is new to Jax he NEEDS that comfort knowing that mommy will still fill his every need. I guess is his first sense of "comfort food" ;).  Some say "oh what about the dad?" "doesn't he need to feed him?" I believe dads have a different role. Yes, Jax needs his daddy, but daddy is to show him how to be a man, how to be strong and provide, daddy is for rough and tough fun, mommy is for snuggles and sweet time. I know not all agree and that is perfectly fine. As for me and my family we believe that this is best. I used to worry about what others said, and if they saw my breast that I would be embarrassed. I would nurse Jax with a cover or even in the public restroom at the library once (YUCK!) But nooooo more Jax gets too hot under a cover and I do not want him all  sweaty while trying to enjoy his meal. So I just do it as I please. If I get a complaint bring it on cause I do not care. I will fulfill my child's need even if someone doesn't feel its right, because they cannot do a dag gum thing to me. The law is on my side. Now don't get me wrong I don't just "whip it out" for all to see in all its glory, I keep my shirt over my breast and Jax covers up the rest of it as he is nursing. I am discrete and I certainly don't have a flashing sign above my head saying "Hey boobs over here". I would hate for a little child to see my breast and be traumatized but believe you me, if a grown adult has an issue I encourage them to keep on a keeping on. If you are breastfeeding or thinking about breastfeeding but don't quite know how to worry about feeding publicly, I say don't worry about it! Does a mother cow cover herself while nursing her calf ? Nooooo, so don't worry about it. Remember it is all natural and there is nothing that should stand in your way for fulfilling your child's needs. Of course like me you might have to come to terms of nursing like that all on your own, but once you stop worrying about everyone else it becomes a whole lot easier!

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  1. You had a hippie Mama who taught you that what others think is none of your business. And puritanical judgments are in opposition to God's Word. Be yourself. This empowers our children to be who God created them to be. You GO girl! I love you - Mom